Who is Mermaid Kat?

Mermaid Kat is an underwater mermaid model, mermaid tail creator and mermaid trainer based in Germany. She works as an underwater stunt model and professional mermaid for international underwater productions and events. She is the founder of her mermaid school, Mermaid Kat Academy and the Mermaid Kat Shop.



Kat is a well recognised figure in the world of modern mermaiding. The German mermaid travels the world to swim alongside sea creatures such as dolphins, rays, whales, sharks and even crocodiles. She is being filmed and photographed for TV commercials, short movies, advertisements and ocean awareness campaigns. Mermaid Kat has been featured in a TV commercials for "PHILIPS" and "LEXWARE". Furthermore she plays a part in “Far Cry 3 – The Experience” and has been photographed for magazines like “Asian Bridal Magazine”. She also performed at luxury events such as opening events, cooperate events, yacht events and fashion fairs. Mermaid Kat swam with wild hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing her beautiful mermaid tails from Mermaid Kat Shop.





Mermaid Kat is an environmentalist and ocean defender. Therefore, she uses her mermaid personality to create awareness for the oceans and creatures living in it.

In August 2012 Kat opened the world’s first mermaid school that made mermaiding accessible to the public. At Mermaid Kat Academy she offers different mermaid classes for kids and adults in different levels. Before Kat turned herself into a mermaid, she worked as a scuba diving and free diving instructor. As a result, Kat has a very good skillset and understanding on how to teach people to be in the water safely. She has a natural talent to teach other people how to become mermaids or mermen in a safe and fun way. Her mermaid school is currently based in Germany and she organises international mermaid retreats regularly. 



Before Kat became a professional mermaid she worked as a fashion model for international modelling agencies. She was crowned to “Miss Germany International 2006” and “Queen of the world Germany 2007”. Her modelling experiences helped her to develop high level underwater performance skills. Kat loves to share her passion and knowledge with her students and companions during her international mermaid adventures.


In April 2013 the German mermaid opened her own online mermaid store. After using different kinds of mermaid tails in her mermaid classes, the scuba instructor decided to create her own highly functional mermaid tail collection. She was tired of using bad quality mermaid tails which broke, rusted or hurt her students whilst swimming. As a free diver and underwater professional, Mermaid Kat wanted to develop mermaid tails that looked realistic and could also be used as proper sports equipment. As a result, she opened Mermaid Kat Shop in April 2013. All mermaid tails at Mermaid Kat Shop include a professional free diving mono fin. Two separate foot pockets stop your ankles from rubbing against each other, which can cause pain. Two heel straps allow you to adjust the size and make the fin fit perfectly to your feet.


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If you want to find out more about the underwater model, visit Mermaid Kat’s Official Website.