Hire a Mermaid Tail

Hire a mermaid tail for your next production, photo shoot or event. At Mermaid Kat Shop you can now hire silicone mermaid tails with a sensationally realistic appearance. Moreover, these mermaid costumes also have a very realistic feel to them. These silicone mermaid tails are used for movie and TV productions as well as life performances. They are manufactured by hand, with the highest quality platinum grade silicone. The 3-dimensional dolphin skin or scale-like texture transforms you into a real mermaid or merman. If you need a realistic looking mermaid costume for your next project, hire a mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop.

Hire a Mermaid Tail - Mermaid Costume Rentals

Who can hire a mermaid tail?

Because silicone mermaid tails weight between 8 and 16 kg, depending on configuration and size, we offer rentals only for adults. Additionally, it is important to know that these tails fit tight. Therefore, they can present a challenge to get in and out of. Even dry performances can be very exhausting when you have to manoeuvre a 16 kg mermaid tail. In the water however, silicone mermaid tails are almost weightless. Nevertheless, you can only hire a mermaid tail, if you are an experienced swimmer.

Mermaid Tail Rentals - Hire a Mermaid Tail 

Rental Prices

You can hire a silicone mermaid tail for just USD 100 per day (plus USD 50 for shipping days). These silicone mermaid tails are high end products which start at a retail value of USD 1,900. With this in mind, we will ask for a security deposit of USD 2,000 (or more, depending on the tail design) before your hire tail can be picked up or will be shipped out. The renting party is responsible for the care of the costume during the rental period. Accordingly, you will be responsible for any loss or damage based on the value. After return, we will refund the safety deposit deducted by shipping costs and insurance, hire costs and repair costs if required.

Hire a Mermaid Tail - Silicone Mermaid Costumes 

How to hire a mermaid tail?

If you are interested in hiring a mermaid costume, please send us an email to: info@mermaidkatshop.com Please send a brief description of what you are planning to use the tail for as well as when and how long you will be hiring it for. Please keep in mind that we are based in Germany and Australia. For this reason, international rentals might turn out to be quite pricy, as shipping costs and times can vary drastically. With all this in mind, we hope you will enjoy hiring a mermaid tail. Otherwise, we are also excited to create your very own silicone tail. We don't rent out spandex or neoprene mermaid tails.

Costume Rentals - Hire a Mermaid Tail