Mermaid Tail Safety

Mermaid tail safety is our priority. Our premium quality mermaid tails have been sold to hundreds of thousands of customers in many countries around the world. At Mermaid Kat Shop we work with real water professionals such as scuba diving instructors, freedivers and water technique engineers. Our team really understands water and water safety. That's why we were able to develop mermaid tails and monofins that were specifically designed for the proper and safe use in the water. Compared to other mermaid tail factories, or mermaid fins can be classed as proper water sports equipment.

Before you give a mermaid tail to your child, you need to make sure he/she is ready to swim in a mermaid tail. If a child is not a strong swimmer and cannot yet swim underwater confidently, then he&she is not ready to swim with a mermaid tail and monofin. Additionally, as with any water activity, children should be under adult supervision at all times during use.

Mermaid Tail Safety


Our Safety Features

  1. Our mermaid tails are made of regular swimsuit fabric, water flows through easily
  2. Our monofins have two seperate foot pockets that prevent your ankles from rubbing together while swimming
  3. Two adjustable heel straps secure a proper fit while swimming
  4. Our monofins are not covered by neoprene or other floating materials as these would pull your feet to the surface, making it harder to lift your head out of the water to breathe.


Here are some helpful tips

First of all it is important to know that mermaid tails aren’t swimming devices. They may only be used by people who are confident swimmers and don’t need any assistance in deep water. Mermaiding is so much fun but it is also exhausting. Therefore, a certain level of fitness and stamina is required.


You are mermaid tail ready when you can easily complete these steps?

Are you mermaid tail ready?


Follow these Safety Rules:

  1. Always be under adult supervision 
  2. Make sure you are ready for a mermaid tail
  3. Only use your mermaid tail where you would also swim without one
  4. Know your limit and stay within it
  5. Don't dive or swim over, under or through objects
  6. Swim only in clear, clam and confined waters 
  7. Never stand up in a mermaid tail and/or monofin on land


Practise these Mermaid Skills: 

Practise these mermaid skills