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Silicone Tails for Mermaids and Mermen

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We create silicone tails for mermaids and mermen

Silicone mermaid tails are the most realistic looking mermaid tails in the world of mermaiding. They are beautiful body prosthetics with a sensationally realistic appearance and feel.

At Mermaid Kat Shop we are dedicated to creating unique and of a kind designs. As every mermaid and every merman is unique, so are our tails. That is why we don't copy any previous designs or designs of other tailmakers.

At Mermaid Kat Shop each silicone tail is made by hand, with love and passion. Because we only use the highest quality platinum grade silicone, our tails are safe for wear. Our silicone tails are soft and stretchy, almost like human skin.

On this page you can create your dream tail! Choose your favourite fluke. Would you like a dolphin skin or scales? Add extra fins, glitter or a colour shifting chameleon effect.

Send us your design ideas and measurements and we will create the silicone tail you have always dreamed of. Download your silicone tail design template here.

When you order your Silicone Tail at Mermaid Kat Shop:

  • We custom make the tail to your provided measurements

  • One of our professional freediving monofins is included and built into the tail for excellent efficiency and ease in the water

  • Your tail includes your custom colors - We do not charge extra for colors

  • You can choose from a large variety of different fluke, scale and extra fin designs 

  • A drainage system is installed in the fluke 
  • You can use your tail in chlorinated water as well as saltwater and freshwater


Please note: It is your responsibility to submit accurate measurements for the product that you are purchasing on this website. Please make sure to check our measurements instructions. 

Attention: Mermaid tails are NOT BUOYANCY AIDS! Since your legs are tight together, mermaid tails are suitable FOR STRONG SWIMMERS ONLY. The use of mermaid fins in the water should consequently not be used without supervision.


Your Silicone Mermaid Tail will take up to 60 days before it is ready to be shipped. In this video you can see silicone mermaid tails in action.