Mermaid Monofin - Mermaid Kat Hydra
Mermaid Monofin - Mermaid Kat Hydra - Measurements

Mermaid Monofin - Mermaid Kat Hydra

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Our professional mermaid monofin for adults.

We are very happy and proud to manufacture our own range of professional mermaid monofins. Our Mermaid Kat Hydra is a monofin designed by real water professionals. This mermaid fin is used and endorsed by freedivers worldwide.

Our Mermaid Kat Hydra Monofin comes in woman`s shoe sizes UK 6-9/ US 8-11/ EU 39-43. Because this fin has adjustable heel straps you can easily use them even if you are up to two sizes below or above the recommended shoe size.

This mermaid mono fin is efficient and powerful. It is perfect to practice your mermaid movement and to swim underwater using the dolphin kick style. Enjoy the underwater world while swimming like a real sea mammal.

The Mermaid Kat Hydra consists of two separate foot pockets. The space between them keeps your ankles apart while swimming. The two adjustable heel straps secure a tight fit. 



The Mermaid Kat Hydra is about 54 cm wide and about 68 cm long from the beginning of the foot pockets to the tips.


This mermaid mono fin is a great fin for beginners and advanced freedivers and mermaids. 


Please note: Monofins are NO BUOYANCY AIDS! Monofins are suitable FOR SWIMMERS ONLY. The use of monofins in the water may not be used without a guardian of a minor and without supervision.