Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Mermaid tails for swimming are the new toys most young girls dream of. But these tails are different from mermaid costumes or other toys. They are meant for swimming. With this in mind it makes sense that there are certain requirements you should look for before giving a mermaid tail to your child.


Mermaid tails for swimming - safey tips

Make sure your child is mermaid tail ready

Mermaid tails for swimming seem to be so much fun. However, they are not swimming devices and should only be used by competent and experienced swimmers. First, make sure your child can float in his/her back for at least a minute. Second, can he/she tread water for at least a minute? Next, can he/swim 200 m without any assistance? 200 m surely seems like a long distance, but swimming in mermaid tails is exhausting. Therefore, it is important for future mermaids/mermen to have a general fitness level and be absolutely comfortable in the water. As mermaiding happens mainly underwater, can your child hold his/her breath for 15 seconds and dive 1 m deep? If so, he or she is almost ready to become a mermaid or merman. Additionally, to these water skills, we recommend being at least 7 years old before using a mermaid fin in the water.

Professional mermaid tails for swimming

How to find good Mermaid Tails for Swimming?

There are many different kinds of mermaid tails for swimming available, but make sure you pick a safe one. Although most mermaid tails claim to be “mermaid tails for swimming” most of them should not be used in the water. While some mermaid tail manufacturers have a professional background in water sports, others haven’t. Before purchasing a mermaid tail for swimming, follow this checklist:
  1. Does the mermaid monofin have two separate foot pockets? Two separate foot pockets with some space in between are important to prevent the ankles from rubbing against each other. As a result, this can cause pain while swimming and break the concentration of your child in the water.
  2. Does the monofin have two separate heel straps? Two separate heel straps are important to secure a proper fit while swimming. Some mermaid monofins contain two holes in a fabric or neoprene cover to stick the feet into. Swimming with these designs is more exhausting than with proper monofins. For example, the feet often slip out whilst swimming, which is tyring. Furthermore, the feet usually loose contact to the fin whilst kicking. For this reason, efficiency gets lost and much energy is wasted while swimming.
  3. Make sure the monofin is not covered by neoprene. Neoprene is a material that is positively buoyant. As a result, it floats and always pushed to get up to the surface. Because of this, the feet are constantly being pulled towards the surface. This makes it harder to lift the head out of the water to breathe.

Mermaid tails for swimming for children


Don’t just buy a “cheap mermaid tail”

To sum up, mermaid tails for swimming are more than just toys. They are equipment to be used in the water. Cheap mermaid tails from Amazon or other marketplaces can highly increase the risk of having an accident in the water. Therefore, safe a little bit longer and make sure to purchase a professional mermaid tail for swimming. Always keep in mind that mermaid tails are not swimming devices. For this reason, make sure your child is mermaid tail ready and always supervise your child while using mermaid tails for swimming.

Mermaid tails for swimming - helpful tips

The best mermaid tails for swimming

Here you can purchase the best mermaid tails for swimming. They were developed by a team of scuba instructors, free divers and water engineers. They have been used and tested by thousands of mermaids and mermen worldwide. The professional Mermaid Kat used these mermaid tails during her underwater stunt work.