Win a Sponsorship for a Silicone Mermaid Tail – MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR Competition

Sponsorship Opportunity!!! Enter our MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR Competition for a chance to win a unique Mermaid Kat Shop silicone mermaid tail. Mermaid Kat Shop is looking for a new “MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR” to represent our mermaid tail company in 2022. Mermaids and mermen from around the world are welcome to apply. This is your chance to win a sponsorship for your very own silicone mermaid tail, worth USD 1,900 and more!!!

Sponsorship Opportunity - Win a silicone mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop



Silicone Mermaid Tail Sponsorship Benefits:

  • You will receive your very own silicone mermaid tail from Mermaid Kat Shop made to your design ideas and measurements (and of course you get to keep it even when your ambassador period is over!)
  • We will introduce you on our website as our “MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR 2022”
  • During your sponsorship period, we will post several photos and videos of you on the Mermaid Kat Shop Instagram page, mention you and tag you in our posts
  • Receive your personalised discount code to share with your friends, family and followers. They will receive 10% discount on EVERY purchase!
  • Receive a free gift after selling 5 tails
  • Receive a free fabric mermaid tail set after selling 10 tail
  • Gain access to our exclusive Mermaid Kat Shop Ambassadors Facebook Group where you'll have access to sneak peaks of new products, receive discounts on products, courses, workshops and retreats as well as gain new like-minded friends from all over this beautiful world.

Win a silicone mermaid tail sponsorship


Your duties as our new MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR 2021:

  • You will supply at least 12 high quality photos and 3 videos (1-2 minutes each) of yourself, wearing our mermaid equipment (these don't have to be done by a professional photographer, as long as the quality is still good)
  • During your whole sponsorship period, you’ll add “@mermaidkatshop MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR” into your Instagram bio
  • During your sponsorship period, you will post at least 5 photos and/or videos each month on your Instagram account, wearing our products
  • When posting, you will mention @mermaidkatshop and in the description
  • You will tag @mermaidkatshop in the photos/videos and use the hashtags #mermaidkatshop , #mermaidkatshopambassador and #MKSAquaAmbassador on each post
  • You must be a respectful and honourable representative of the Mermaid Kat Shop company and brand

Tail Sponsorship - Win a Silicone Tail


Contest and Sponsorship Application Requirements:

  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • You need to have a public Instagram account
  • You don’t need to have any previous mermaid or merman experiences
  • We don’t have any visual requirements - all are welcome
  • We accept applications from around the world
  • Application period ends 31st January 2022

MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR - Win a Silieone Mermaid Tail Sponsorship



How to enrol and Timeline:

  • Click here to fill out the application form, upload your head shot and pay the registration fee
  • Download this photo here and post it on your social media pages with the text: “I entered the Mermaid Kat Shop MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR competition! Keep your fins crossed for me so I can win a silicone mermaid tail and represent @mermaidkatshop in 2022. For more information, check out: #mermaidkatshop #MKSAquaAmbassador #mermaidkatshopambassador Photo: @iangrayphotography Model: @mermaid_kat Tail: @mermaidkatshop
  • Our team will judge and choose the winner based on how well he/she fits in with our company’s mission, vision and goals.
  • The winner of our MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR competition and receiver of the silicone mermaid tail sponsorship will be announced in February 2022
  • Enjoy your 12 months sponsorship period, your time as our new MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR and your new silicone mermaid tail


We are excited to receive your application. Good luck to all fellow mermaids and mermen who enter our MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR completion.

Sweet Ocean Kisses from your Mermaid Kat Shop Team

Win a silicone mermaid tail sponsorship and become our new MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR



Please check out the terms and conditions to enter this contest here





Q: Is this a raffle?

A: No, this is not a raffle. If this was a raffle, we would choose the winner at random and participants would have the option to entry several times in order to increase their chances to win. We are looking for our MKS AQUA AMBASSADOR to represent Mermaid Kat Shop for one year. We are looking for a mermaid or merman who is a nice fit for our company and won’t choose the winner randomly.


Q: Why is there a registration fee?

A: We charge a registration fee of $20 in order to be able to run this contest and supply a silicone mermaid tail for the winner. Many beauty pageants and other contest charge entry fees (Some examples: Miss Western Australia charges $150, Miss Diamond Australia charges $495 to the winner, in other contest and pageants participants must pay for their own travel costs and accommodation fees or provide their own expensive outfits such as ballroom gowns etc.). We kept the registration fee as low as possible to allow as many participants as possible to enter and have a chance to win this amazing sponsorship which is worth $1,900 and more!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us: We are happy to help :)