Mermaid Brand Ambassador (Kids)

Become a Mermaid Brand Ambassador for Mermaid Kat Shop. Our children brand ambassador program is a great way to receive a free mermaid tail and be featured on our social media platforms. Together we want to add more fun and magic into this world and reach out to more people, mermaids and mermen.

Children Mermaid Brand Ambassador


Your advantages as a Mermaid Brand Ambassador:

  • You will receive 20% discount on all mermaid tail and top orders you place during your ambassador months
  • You will be mentioned in the bio of the Mermaid Kat Shop Instagram page with “Kids Ambassador of the month @your_account” for your whole ambassador month
  • During your band ambassador month, we will post several photos of you on the Mermaid Kat Shop Instagram page

Mermaid Brand Ambassador - Mermaid Kat Shop


Your duties as our Mermaid Brand Ambassador:

  • Be at least 8 years old
  • Must obtain parental or legal guardian permission
  • Your or your guardian’s public Instagram account has at least 500 followers
  • You will supply at least 6 high quality photos of yourself, wearing our mermaid equipment, that can be posted by Mermaid Kat Shop
  • During your ambassador month, you’ll add “@mermaidkatshop ambassador” into your Instagram bio
  • During your ambassador month, you will post at least 6 photos and/or videos on your Instagram account, wearing our products (not all of these have to be professional photos)
  • When posting, you will mention @mermaidkatshop in the description, tag @mermaidkatshop in the photo and use the hashtags #mermaidkatshop and #mermaidkatshopambassador
  • During your ambassador months, you won’t post any photos that show mermaid equipment from any other tailmakers or mermaid companies

Kids Mermaid Brand Ambassador - Mermaid Kat Shop


How to enrol:

  • Get your parents to send an email with links to your/their Instagram and other social media accounts, your age and a few information about yourself to
  • If you are chosen, we will send you a discount code to receive your 20% discount
  • You and your parents can now order your tail online
  • We will send out your tail
  • You will send us your photos at least 30 days before your ambassador month starts
  • Enjoy your month as a mermaid brand ambassador for Mermaid Kat Shop



We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Sweet Ocean Kisses from your Mermaid Kat Shop Team